You Have Rights as a Landlord

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John R Streett focuses on eviction law in Novato, California. He represents landlords who need to evict tenants after a lease violation. Get in touch with attorney Streett today if you need a landlord-tenant attorney to protect your rights as a landlord.

Trouble dealing with one of your tenants?

Trouble dealing with one of your tenants?

California eviction law is complicated. Rely on John R Streett for legal guidance when you're caught in a dispute with a tenant. A landlord-tenant attorney can help you when:

  • A tenant violates terms of their lease
  • A tenant is evicted but won't vacate
  • A tenant has fallen behind on rent

You work hard to create a safe and clean environment for the people in your building. If one of your tenants is creating problems or breaking their lease, they should be evicted. Call John R Streett today to speak with a landlord-tenant attorney in Novato, CA.